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Is your sales page failing to make actual sales?


Discover how you can gain buyers and confidence in your business without wasting more time

As a small business owner in challenging economic times, the struggle of not making sales steals your time and your confidence not to mention your income.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦
Do you ever...
  • Feel like you are riding a rollercoaster of frustration, disappointment, and self-doubt because you aren’t selling enough—or anything at all—and don’t understand why?
  • Think you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship because things aren’t working right now?
  • Worry you can’t afford to keep your business going much longer because you’re facing financial pressure?
  • Spend countless hours hunched over a laptop or fussing with AI prompts trying to craft the perfect sales page only to see it fail to convert any visitors into paying customers?
  • Feel helpless because you can’t pinpoint the reason visitors leave the page without buying?

In other words…

You’re wasting your precious time, losing confidence, and missing out on profits.

You know you have an incredible offer but you don’t know what to say to sell it and you wonder what’s going wrong.

There’s hope to fix this
You can experience the feelings of joy and validation when a customer clicks “buy now” and you can feel excited about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Hiring a professional writer to figure out what you are missing and to craft a high-converting sales page is what’s going to help you get out of this rut.

A professional writer will help you


  • Say goodbye to the disappointment and self doubt.

  • Regain your time instead of wasting it on trying to figure this out yourself.

  • Make some sales to elevate your business and your earnings.

The thing is…

You can’t sell something online without an effective sales page and you can’t write an effective sales page without knowing your customer and writing strong persuasive copy directly for them.

Once you really get to know your ideal customer and what they want combined with professionally crafted sales copy…only then can you more easily convert people into paying customers.

With my support you will...
  • Strengthen your sales pages even if you are not a writer.
  • Get to know your ideal customer so you can speak directly to them in your copy without spending your time doing a ton of research.
  • Show your ideal customer you feel their pain and how only you can help them get the outcome they desire even if you doubt yourself right now.
I’ve spent my career helping people figure out what to say and how to say it to their intended audience.
In my 11+ years working in communications and nearly two decades writing for print, digital, and broadcast channels and publications…you know what I learned?
The MOST important factor when it comes to crafting your messaging is knowing your audience.
I mean really getting to know and understand them.
Combine that insightful knowledge with persuasive copy and you’re on the road to making more sales.


“Megan is easy to work with, very professional and her quality of work is excellent.”

Dan Dakin

Manager, Communication Strategy and Public Relations
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada

A done-for-you long form sales page

Business owners can finally stop the guesswork, stop fussing with AI, and start working with someone who can help them get what they want—time, money, confidence—with a done-for-you long form sales page written by a professional writer and communications expert.


Here’s what you get

When you sign up for Sales Page That Sells today, you’ll get:
  • A done-for-you long form sales page ready to load on your website.
  • A call with a professional writer (me!) for a thorough discussion about your offer details.
  • A proven exercise to help clearly define your ideal customer and what they want.
With Sales Page That Sells you can expect:
  • Peace of mind knowing you have ready to go done-for-you sales copy so you can spend your valuable time doing what you love and building your business.
  • A polished done-for-you long form sales page written by a professional writer and communication expert so you can convert more paying customers to see your revenue increase and your business thrive.
  • A 30-minute call to share everything about your offer and what your potential customer needs to know about how you can deliver on what they desire so you can boost your confidence knowing you’re making sales and helping people.
  • Two rounds of revisions on the sales page draft so you can feel confident that your feedback, tone, and style are incorporated in the final version without having to spend time to write it yourself or fuss with AI.
  • A proven exercise to really get to know your ideal customer demographic and define specific offer details so you can ensure authenticity and persuasion in the copy.
What’s the value of a strong sales page?
Consider how much revenue a persuasive sales page could bring into your business and just how many people you could help with your offer.
What’s that worth to you?
A persuasive sales page with the potential to increase conversions and generate revenue can far outweigh the cost of your investment in writing support.
Some copywriters charge up to $10,000 (or more!) to write one long-form sales page to help you convert more customers.
I know most entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have that kind of budget lying around to spend on writing support especially if they are struggling to make sales.
That’s why my pricing isn’t even close to that much…
The regular price for my done-for-your sales page is $1297 CDN.
But here’s the deal…
For the first five people who book a call with me by June 19, you’ll get a Sales Page That Sells for an early bird price of just $1079 CDN!
That’s more than $200 in savings.
Think about it…
People pay thousands and thousands of dollars for help with their sales pages and you can get my professional writing support and expert advice for just $1079 CDN.
To make this decision as easy as possible for you...
We start with a free discovery call so you can ask questions about the process including timing and payment plan options.
Get started now
To get Sales Page That Sells, book a free 30-minute discovery call with me using the button below.
If we’re in alignment, I’ll share the next steps to get started on your sales copy.
Remember, you’ll get special early bird pricing of $1079 CDN if you’re one of the first five people to book a call by June 19, 2024

Book a call now to get a Sales Page That Sells for $1079 CDN

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