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Well, how did I get here?

I leapt into self-employment as a content writer and copywriter more than three months ago, so I’m overdue to share what led me down the path of entrepreneurship.

I worked in corporate communications in the public sector for more than 10 years. During that time, I moved up the ranks and wrote more articles, news releases, website content, and social media posts than I can count plus key messages, briefing notes, and emails galore for executives and politicians.

I never considered using my writing skills and expertise to start my own business. My communications career checked all the boxes society tells us we’re supposed to want. I had benefits, a pension, and paid vacation time. I had the title, paycheck, and responsibility I pursued for years, but…I didn’t want it anymore.

I dreaded the commute. I disliked the bureaucracy that inevitably comes with public service. I felt depleted at the end of every day. I didn’t have any energy for myself, the people I loved, and the activities I enjoyed (they call that burn out). Still, I persevered because of fear. Fear of losing the secure, safety net of a 9 to 5 job and fear of uncertainty. I wasn’t happy, but I was comfortable.

For a long time, I ignored the possibility that I could choose something else. I ignored it until I experienced several losses of very important people and pets in my life. Grief made me question everything and I began to reevaluate my choices.

Life is so short - how do I really want to spend mine? I could no longer ignore that I desperately needed a change.

I spent months planning, developing my skills, and determining what I wanted. I took courses to learn more about freelancing, marketing, and writing. I rode a rollercoaster through worry and excitement. Then in early June filled with as much courage and determination as I could muster, I left my full-time job to take a chance on myself. I chose flexibility and freedom over security. I trust in myself to build my own security.

Now in my business I’m using my skills for projects that excite me. I support passionate entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profit organizations to share their stories.

Even though I knew it wouldn’t be easy, choosing to do something for myself has been one of the best, most freeing decisions of my life.


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