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Do you want your website copy to attract more customers?


Learn what needs to happen to increase your sales

A lack of leads and customers means financial strain on you and your business causing worry and frustration.

Maybe you’re getting lots of web traffic but not as many conversions as you want or need.

Imagine you're planning the party of the year. You're all dressed up in your favourite outfit, you curated the perfect playlist, and you made the most delicious snacks...then no one shows up.

Rejection and shame swirl inside of you. This is on top of the stress from all the planning in the first place. You don't know what went wrong and you're not sure where to go from here. 

Like a sparsely attended party, it's disheartening to see lack of interest in what you're selling. You work really hard on your business and you want people talking about it like it's the party of the year.  

What if I told you there’s a way to increase your leads and ultimately your sales...

If you want to get more leads and actual paying customers, you need your main communication tool - your website - to work harder for you. 
And the truth is… 

Persuasive website copy is what turns website visitors into paying customers. 

The thing is… you need to grab their attention immediately if you want to convert website visitors into leads and leads into paying customers. 

The best way to do this (in addition to great design) is with clear and strong persuasive messaging on your website. 

Through my 10+ years in communications and almost two decades of writing for print, digital, and broadcast channels and publications, I discovered well-crafted and persuasive copy is essential to create connection with your audience and guide them toward your desired call to action. 

​In all my time doing this work with businesses, non-profits, and public sector organizations, the data doesn’t lie - you have less than one second before visitors decide to click and stay or click and leave. That’s fast! 

I've spent years honing my skills to strategically develop the right message for the target audience. Let's tell your website visitors why they should jump at the chance to work with you.

I've got your copy covered! 



“We needed support with communicating a brand refresh to our team, our clients, and the public. We also wanted our new website reviewed for grammar and clarity. Megan provided us with the language to help support our rebrand as well as valuable feedback about our website's content. Her responsiveness and critical thinking were instrumental for our successful rebrand. I found the entire process of working with Megan to be easy, informative, and valuable. Thank you Megan!"

Arie Epstein

Managing Partner



A professional writer's review of your website copy
Laptop and a phone on a desk with an Edison bulb lighting the room
Copy That Converts offers my external professional perspective to polish your web copy. My fresh perspective will maximize your copy to attract and convert your ideal customers.


What you get

This review not only offers a copyedit of your existing website copy, but suggestions to enhance your messaging and in turn improve your conversions through clear and compelling language and calls to action.
When you sign up for Copy That Converts today, you’ll get:
  • Two Zoom calls with me to discuss your needs and any questions 
  • Careful review and copy edit of up to five webpages
  • Suggested edits and enhancements for your website copy
With the Copy That Converts Package you can expect:
  • A 30-minute detailed discussion so you can rest assured your web copy challenges and concerns are heard.
  • Careful review and copy edit of your website so you can get stronger copy for your five most important web pages.
  • Suggested edits and improvements to see where and why changes to make to improve conversion.
  • A 30-minute follow up call so you can ask questions, get clarity, and understand why the edits will help.
  • A website review done by a professional writer and communication expert to help you guide website visitors into leads and ultimately paying customers.
So, what’s this worth?
Your website is your primary tool to communicate with and entice your customers, so what is strong web copy worth to you? 
Many businesses pay thousands of dollars for website copy… upwards of $4,500 for just homepage content!
I won’t charge you even close to that much…
When you sign up today, you’ll get support for just $797
Remember: Persuasive website copy is what turns website visitors into paying customers. 
And I get it - busy business owners often don’t have the time or energy to tackle all the writing themselves. I offer a professional writer's perspective on your copy that you may not have.
Hiring me to ensure your website copy is compelling will take the guesswork off your plate. You get more time and strong website copy. It’s a win-win. 
People pay thousands of dollars for website copy and you can get my best suggestions for improvements for just $797. 
How do you get Copy That Converts?
When you click the button below, you’ll go to a secure site to book a discovery call at a time that is convenient for you. 

Book a call to get started for only $797 CDN

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